Name: Jay Roebuck


Professional Titles: Art Director, Graphic Designer,
Consultant, Leader


I am an Art Director with over 18 years of graphic design experience. My passion for design and creativity has allowed for me to work with brilliantly artistic people, all with different, and sometimes strange, views of the world around them. It is the these people, the nerds from high school, the guy that waited in line for a Commodore 64 just so that he could stay up all night writing code while listening to the Joshua Tree just to render a 10 second animation in 16 colors, the vandal graffiti artist that was caught because he spent too much time trying to get the letter "A" font just right on the side of the train...these are the people that inspire me.


Software: Adobe CC (ACE Certified), Acrobat, 3DS Max, Maya, Microsoft Office 2003 and later, Corel Draw, Flash, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Word Press, Vision, Sales Force


Platforms: Windows XP, Win 7, Mac OSX

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